At The Park and Parkwall Federation, our geography curriculum will provide children with the knowledge, skills and understanding to inspire them to become global, sustainable citizens. By effectively entwining the United Nations Development goals 2030 through their topics, children are encouraged to be forward thinking and responsible members of the local school community through to the wider world. We strive to celebrate the global diversity of our pupils and personalise learning to reflect our school community, whilst challenging geographical stereotypes. We aspire for children to be curious and passionate geographers, who understand the current human and physical challenges to our planet and to appreciate their role in ensuring a sustainable future.

By the end of KS2 children will have experienced a depth of learning in:

  • Locational knowledge
  • Place knowledge
  • Human and physical geography
  • Geographical skills and fieldwork

History and Geography units taught  in KS1 and KS2:

Geography Pupil Progress Skills

Download: Progression in History and Geograpy

Download: Progression Portfolio