Federation Governors

Who are we?

The Governing body of the Federation is made up of Parents, Staff and members of the community of both schools and representatives of the Local Authority

What do we do?

Governors play an important role in raising standards through four main areas:

  • Overseeing the strategic direction of the Federation in order to support the raising of standards;
  • Ensuring the accountability to all stakeholders for the Federation’s overall performance and for decisions taken by the Governing body;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of both schools in the Federation in relation to priorities and targets;
  • Making sure that we constructively challenge, acting as a ‘Critical Friend’ as well as supporting the Executive head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team and Staff.

Through this strategic leadership and accountability, Governors of the Federation allow the Executive Head and Staff to get on with the day to day management of both schools.

The Federation Governing Body appoints the Executive Head Teacher of the schools and can be involved in the appointment of other staff. It is the Governing Body that holds the main responsibility for financial management but works closely with the Executive Head Teacher in making decisions about the best use of the resources available.