Parkwall is a Healthy School. We promote all aspects of healthy living throughout the school including good personal hygiene, healthy eating and exercise for health.

We work closely with the local health professionals, who are always prepared to meet with parents if required. Reception children are offered various health screening checks. These checks take place at the school with parent’s permission and parents are invited to be present.

Medicines and First Aid

Should your child require medication of any kind it is important that you speak to the office so that appropriate provision can be made. In the case of accident or illness we may need to contact you quickly. Please help keep our records up to date by informing us of changes of address, telephone number or place of work.

If your child has any Health issues please come and speak to the office staff who will arrange a meeting with our school nurse and a health care plan can be drawn up.

Children should not be sent back to school after an illness unless they are fully fit to do so. In the case of sickness and/or diarrhoea children should not return to school for 48 hours.