Curriculum Overview

  T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
Theme Focus Global citizens Science: Chemistry History/Geography Science: Biology History/Geography Science: Physics
Y1 Can anywhere be home? What are things made from? What makes a great British holiday? What is alive? What has made our local area special? Do living things change or stay the same?
Y2 How can it be hard for people to find a new home? How do we choose materials? Would I prefer to live in Kenya or England? What do living things need to survive? What put Bristol on the map? How can living things stay healthy?
Y3 Why is nature important?   Are all rocks the same? How do we know about the ancient Egyptians? Can living things live forever? Was the Roman invasion good for Britain? What is the dark?
Y4 Should all children have a right to education? Is water always wet? Would I prefer to live in the UK or the Caribbean? Are living things in danger? Would the Vikings do anything for money?

How do we hear different sounds?

Can we control electricity?

Y5 Why is it important to respect people and our planet? Can we change materials? What did the Ancient Greeks do for us? Do all lifecycles look the same? What was it like to be a child in WW2? How do things move on Earth, the moon and space?
Y6 Is water a treasure? How do we light up our world? How has the Ancient Islamic civilization shaped our world? How do living things change over time and place? What is a home? Transition to KS3