​If you think about it, many problems in life will involve Maths. Whether it’s working out change in a shop or working how long you have got before you need to leave for work. At the Park and Parkwall Federation we want to develop children that find it easy to cope with the problems life throws at us. We want children to make sense of the world around us through a sound understanding of basic mathematical concepts and by developing their ability to calculate fluently, to reason and to solve problems. We aim to encourage a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about mathematics through providing a rich, varied and challenging curriculum to enable children to become confident mathematicians.

We hope to break the ‘fear’ factor surrounding Maths and show them that it can be relevant and fun even when it challenges us.

Our aim is that all children leave our schools with

  • A deep understanding of basic mathematical concepts.
  • Confidence and competence so that they are proud of their achievements.
  • The ability to work collaboratively, to discuss ideas and solutions to maths problems using appropriate mathematical language.
  • Resilience and a growth mind set so they are equipped to be challenged, learn from their mistakes and solve problems.
  • Rich mathematical experiences where they have applied knowledge to puzzles, problems and everyday life.
  • The ability to use their maths to make links through the wider curriculum.

Maths Pupil Progress Skills

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