In our schools we immerse children in a science curriculum which allows them to explore, question and discover the ever changing world around them.

We create a wide range of practical, hands on, stimulating and challenging experiences in a safe, collaborative and inquisitive environment where children can develop, secure and extend  their scientific knowledge, skills and and vocabulary. We strive to ignite pupil’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge and encourage scientific aspirations beyond the primary curriculum.

By the time children leave our schools they will have learnt how to work scientifically, including:

  • Observing changes
  • Noticing patterns
  • Grouping and classifying
  • Creating simple and comparative experiments
  • Carrying out research using secondary sources of information

They will have developed the ability to pose and answer scientific questions, and understand the impact they can have on our planet now and in the future in line with the United Nations Sustainability Goals.


Science units taught in KS1 and KS2

Science Pupil Progress Skills

Download: Progression in Science